While help on the ground is much needed and we welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer, our operations rely on your support. Refugee Rescue is 100% funded by private donors.

Refugee Rescue has from its outset been overwhelmed by the creativity and efforts of our family, friends and network. They have all come up with many creative and positive ways to raise money for our benefit and survival. Equally invaluable is the attention to our SAR mission and the critical awareness it has created!

What can you do?

  1. Think of something you like doing and are good at

  2. Find a way to raise funds

If you are into movies you can organize a movie screening. Do you enjoy cooking? Why not throw a big dinner party for your friends and collect donations as a contribution. Some people have literally gone through lengths for us, and made their contribution by kite-surfing 45 km, for example. What about dedicating your next marathon to us? Ask friends who play in bands to do a charity concert, or put down a donation bucket at your next DJ gig!

Your creativity knows no boundaries.

Refugee Rescue itself is built by people who are humanitarians working within the art scene. We know that these are just a few of the many possible ways to raise awareness. We welcome each and every contribution.

How to do it?

While most donation pages charge smaller or bigger commissions, we have chosen an option to avoid this. As we want your donations to go directly to our rescue work in the Mediterranean, please set up with BT my donate.

You can register your fundraiser here. 


If you can raise awareness, and much needed funds by using your creativity, there is no better way to show your solidarity with our rescuers. With your help our crews at sea and on land will save lives.



If you need help, have a question about our work or want to look for other ways to support, let us know.

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