From volunteering with us on the ground in Lesvos, to raising money to power our operations, to putting pressure on your local member of parliament to support the work of Search and Rescue organisations like ours: there are lots of ways you can work with us to make a difference. 

From the very beginning Refugee Rescue been overwhelmed by the creativity and efforts from family, friends and network. They have all come up with many creative and positive ways to raise money for our benefit and survival. Equally invaluable is the attention to our search and rescue mission and the critical awareness it has created!

What can you do?

If you are into movies, you can organize a movie screening. Do you enjoy cooking? Why not throw a big dinner party for your friends and collect donations as a contribution. Some people have literally gone through lengths for us, and made their contribution by kite-surfing 45 km, for example. What about dedicating your next marathon to us? Or asking for donations instead of birthday presents.

How to do it?

You can register your facebook fundraiser here. If you feel more comfortable outside facebook, you always register a fundraiser with MyDonate here.

Become a monthly supporter for Refugee Rescue

Join us and become a monthly supporter for Refugee Rescue. By only giving 10 pounds every month, you can help us to plan ahead.