26 refugees rescued safely - relieved and smiling.

This photo sees the shared smiles between Refugee Rescue crew member Isabel and a young boy she helped off the rocks and to safety.

At 04:53 this morning we had a shout that refugees were on a beach around the coast from Skala. Our fantastic crew were 9 minutes from bed to boat. The Mo Chara crew assisted 26 people, amongst them many tiny little children, off the secluded cove they had been smuggled into, around the coast again and into Tsonia harbour.

There, our land crew, along with our partner NGO's, helped these 26 with medical care, water, food and dry clothes.

This was a really nice landing for our crews and for the refugees. We needed it after the darkness of this past week.

Happy smiling people, relieved and safe.

Photo permissions kindly granted.


Article from Frontex who was on scene who we cooperated with and they boarded our boat Mo Chara so they could help us get the people to safety:


Shipreck! At least 16 dead. Refugee Rescue pulls body of teenage girl from sea

Monday 24th April 2017 - a sad day. The crew received an SOS call that there was a shipwreck and bodies in the water. The crew worked hard for hours to find survivors to unfortunately only recovered this teenage girls body. Many souls perished this day but through a miracle 2 survived including a pregnant lady. 

There was little world news reported on this tragic event and if they did they don't mention the humanitarian rescuers that were there finding and taking bodies from the water. We need to remain to prevent anymore deaths at sea. 



Refugee Rescue find 8 kids on rocks, dumped by smugglers in water!

It was 3rd April 2017 at 6:15 in the morning when we saw the fire in the distance.  26 people were on the rocks waiting for help. Smugglers are increasingly dumping desperate families in the waters, reportedly at gunpoint. Refugee Rescue found them cold and wet. The operation took over 3 hours to complete and we called in the help of fellow rescuers Proactiva so we could board all the refugees and bring back to port safely.

What an 'assist shout' is like for Refugee Rescue

Refugees towed by Frontex unnecessarily for 2 hours and people are hypothermic, when we could have helped. Refugee Rescue go to assist a refugee boat. When we get there Frontex (Border Control) have decided to tow them to a far away port rather than safe lands closer due to Golden Dawn (Fascists) tensions in that area. Towing is a dangerous option, particularly in these conditions. We need to be there to help.

 The news report pbs.org/newshour/bb/tensions-rise-in-greek-fishing-village-that-welcomed-migrants/ shows the people landed on the shore, freezing. #stayhuman #togetherwecanhelp #welcomemocharas date with our team on Lesvos....

Smugglers dump refugees on rocky cliff face. Team leads complex rescue

Today a smuggler dumped 12 people into the water on rocks on sheer cliff face, including a small baby, 3 teenage girls and an elderly woman of 80 who was hyperventilating. Refugee Rescue team completed a very difficult rescue with our boat Mo Chara, the only vessel that could get close enough to board the refugees and bring them to safety. Well done crew!! THANK YOU. Our hard work continues and we still need your support

'Turkey Deal' creates more unstable and dangerous environment for refugees

EU and Turkey have until 20th June to agree on the various terms laid out by each. This bartering and system of blackmail means the refugees are in an even more desperate and dangerous situation. The refugees are forced to take more dangerous routes and risking their lives through unsafe passages. 

REFUGEE RESCUE and our boat Mo Chara is still on shift with only a couple of other teams on the ground in Mytilini, Lesvos. The refugee boats come in more sporadically. One night this week we were alerted to 2 boats. This boat (below) landed safely and had 49 people, mostly woman and 15 children! Mo Chara and the rescue crews are still working every night to stop more drownings at sea.

Helped over 20 boats (+1200people) cross since moved this week to Mytilini, south Lesvos.

Been very busy for Mo Chara since we moved to south Lesvos last week as that is where many refugees cross every day and night. We assisted over 20 refugee boats (approx. 50 ppl each = over 1000 ppl) brought safely to shore or to coastguard vessels. Yesterday morning all SAR teams were called to emergency sinking boat with over 150 men, woman and children!! All made it to land safe due to the amazing volunteer effort. Rescue teams at sea are as vital now than ever in this time of political madness! We need your support in order to sustain this valuable crew.