"Challenging, eye opening and fulfilling" - Volunteer Nawwar reflects on his time with Refugee Rescue


When we look at global issues such as immigration it’s extremely easy to lose spirit and find ourselves in a helpless, powerless state. We have no idea on how to deal with these issues or where exactly to begin. Part of that problem is that we’re taught to analyse matters through our perspective as individuals. Now I won’t claim to have the all the answers that would resolve these problems, but the way I think we should tackle them is by simply trying. Our desire [should be] to do something no matter how miniature the effect that it might have. Any action we take counts and when our efforts collide they may begin to make a difference.

I had what can only be described as a pleasure of working with remarkable people on the north shore of Lesvos, the shoreline with the most arrivals out of all the Greek Islands. These beautiful souls are lending a hand to those in need, going all out and helping the best way they can. Together doing the job no one else would and no one person alone could. Caring for people in distress and owning it! 

Challenging, eye opening and fulfilling are words that can best describe my time there.

SAR operations are crucial measures that increase the likelihood of people making it to shore safely. 3 years ago, I arrived on the Greek island of Kos after having crossed the Aegean on a dingy with my two siblings and 49 other people. We were lucky enough to encounter a gentleman of a fisherman, who tied our boat to his and guided us to a safe location to land. I find it pleasing and reassuring knowing that people crossing to the North shore of Lesvos have NGOs like Refugee Rescue and Lighthouse Relief to assist and aid them the same way that fisherman was there for us.