Turner Prize nominee Mark Ticthner makes special edition silkscreen for Refugee Rescue


Refugee Rescue is again supported by artists (Jake Chapman bought our boat Mo Chara). We are very grateful to Mark Ticthner who has made a special edition to support refugees made in collaboration with refugees and asylum seekers. 

The collectible 3-colour hand-printed silkscreen limited edition of 30 ‘Listen to me I am human I am scared’ will be available for £130 on kingandmcgaw.com

“Christmas, is a time where people should think more about those that need our help. It is important people are still aware of the struggles of refugees and how the NGO Refugee Rescue tries to alleviate some of the suffering on their long torturous journey,” says Jude Bennett, Co-Founder and CEO of Refugee Rescue.

Since Refugee Rescue started in 2016, they have helped more than 6000 people by assisting them either at sea or land. This forgotten crisis is far from being over, this poster is a powerful statement in support of the cause and buying it directly helps those in need.