Mystery artist donates £32,000!

A world famous artist has made a secret donation to a Belfast charity to buy a rescue boat to help desperate refugees trying to reach Greece from Turkey.

He gave £32,000 to Refugee Rescue who have now secured a rib like the rescue vessels used by the RNLI.

Members of the charity, set up by West Belfast musician Joby Fox and artist Jude Bennett, have been travelling to Greece to help drag terrified families from the Syrian conflict out of the waters around the island.

Joby travelled to Greece last October, unable to bear the idea of not acting to help the refugees and was shocked by the situation that met him.

He said: “We’ve been using a human chain to reach the people who fall in the water, but it’s treacherous for everyone. It’s freezing, frightening and very dangerous. So having this boat will make all the difference.

“It’s the same type as the smaller ones used by the RNLI and it means a skilled crew can actually get out on water as well of having us on shore. It’ll be more effective and safer for everyone.”

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