Refugee Rescue offers 24/7 Search and Rescue (SAR) coverage at sea.

On land we have a small team of responsible volunteers who support landings, provide emergency relief and help refugees in the transit camp close to the shore. 

The North shore is 9 kilometres away from Turkish cost and it is a main entry point for refugees to cross the Aegean sea into Europe


Please fill out our application form here.* We ask you to send out the filled out form, a copy of your password and your CV to


Volunteers have to stay at least two weeks to make sure that they can have a positive impact on our operation. Staying shorter periods of time is not possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to write our land crew coordinator who is on the ground in Lesvos. You can reach them via

*Filling out this form does not mean you are accepted to volunteer. Please do not book flights or arrange anything until you hear from us. Thank you.
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