All photos on this page: Laura lewis photography

All photos on this page: Laura lewis photography

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How to set up your own BT mydonate fundraising page

We use BT MyDonate because they charge 0% commission. 100% of the money that you collect goes directly towards our cause. We highly encourage you to set up your own individual fundraiser.


1. Open our main fundraising page here


2. On the right hand side follow the button that says “Fundraise”, then “create a challenge. You always set up a challenge, even if you are organizing an event


3. Create a profile by clicking on “register”


4. Specify all the details of your event. Remember to also highlight why you fundraise for us, how you heard about Refugee Rescue etc.


5. Indicate how much money you want to raise. Your goal should be realistic and you can later on adapt it, so that you can change it to set it higher if you reach your goal too fast (which we hope you do).


6. Remember to put in to collect GiftAid if you live in the UK! With GiftAid we receive an additional 25% from UK taxpayers.


7. Include photographs – Feel free to take download those from this website or Facebook page. Just remember to credit the people who took the photos!
You can also write us an email at and we will send you a selection of photos you can use. You can of course also use a photo depicting you or your own volunteer experience.


8. Once you have saved the event, remember to save the link so you can share your fundraiser on social media. If you tag us, we are happy to publicize your fundraiser as well!

THANK YOU for helping us to continue saving lives!