Almost everybody arrives severely dehydrated. With your donation, we can provide water for people after rescues, at landings and at the transient camp “Stage 2”

£ 20,00

With your help we can provide emergency 'space blankets' to keep twenty people warm and protect them against hypothermia


Help us to cover the costs of one hour of fuel to keep our rescue boat Mo Chara afloat

£ 250,00

Through your support, we can see at night and install better lights for our night operations

£ 500,00

We use our dry suits every time we are out on the water. The high use by our crew makes it necessary for us to replace them every six months.

£ 2000,00

To identify boats at night, only high quality and professional night vision goggles can make a difference. Help us to spot boat when they are most likely to cross!

Thank you for your support! 

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