Who we are...

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Joby Fox (Co-Founder & Chairperson)

In winter 2015 I went to Lesvos and saw the situation becoming more and more hazardous, with the weather worsening and boats capsizing. I saw rescuers on the beaches and on rescue boats forced to choose who to save as their are so many people in the water. In October a vessel containing 300 people capsize, only 250 could be saved. As a human being I’ve held out a hand to an other and helped them for a moment. That’s what life is all about, instead of political posturing. It’s about action, lateral thinking, helping, being human and looking after other people. I reached out for more people to help in Greece and Refugee Rescue was formed. Together we can help. 

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Jude Bennett (CEO & Co-Founder)

I am an experienced project manager I felt compelled to help in this humanitarian crisis and together with Joby we co-founded Refugee Rescue. Since November 2015 I have managed the mission and development of the NGO.

Contact me on jude@refugeerescue.co.uk



Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Richie Heard (Recruitment & Operations Manager)

Richard Heard is a valuable member of the SAR crew having crewed several times for Refugee Rescue.  Richie manages all SAR crew recruitment and operations. He is RNLI trained and a valuable asset to the team.

Contact on crew@refugeerescue.co.uk



Robert Weare (Skipper & Technical support)

Robert (Bert) is a RNLI Helmsman with vast experience, skippering for Refugee Rescue several times he has helped hundreds of refugees. Our boat Mo Chara is an ex-RNLI Atlantic 75, Bert helps us keep her in good condition ensuring we can continue our hard work. A truly experienced skipper and generous soul.





The Refugee Rescue Crew

Most importantly our skilled SAR crew. Just some of the faces from our international crew.  If you would like to find out more please look HERE

Thank you Refugee Rescue Volunteer crew!